Are You Outsourcing Your Future?

Good morning, and happy Friday!  I hope your day is off to a nice start.

So, by show of hands, how many of you pay close attention to your investments?  Like, really close.  I do.  Okay, I don’t even know what my investments are, because I give somebody else a bunch of money every two weeks and they play with it for me.  Uncle Sam calls it a 401(k).  The rest of us call it our only hope for retirement.  Which explains all the old folks working in Walmart.

I’ve tried learning the economic signs that point to ups and downs, and I’m completely lost.  Gas prices, unemployment, inflation, gross national product, who’s running first in the electoral polls … I can’t keep up.  And none of it seems to matter, because just about the time you think you’ve got it figured out, Wall Street comes along and laughs in your face.

It reminds me of the movie “Trading Places,” where the Duke brothers are trying to explain their business as commodities brokers to Billy Ray.  “Tell him the best part!  Whether our investors win or lose, Duke & Duke gets their share!”  Where can I get a job like that? 

In “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki makes no secret of his disdain for the stock market.  Sure, you can make money.  And you can lose it, too.  Most of us don’t have the financial insight to study the Wall Street Journal and figure out the market, so we hire people who have no life to do it for us.  We bet our entire future on their ability to win.  Smart, huh?

I’m not against the concept of a 401(k), mostly because it’s an easy way for me to put my paltry sum of money in a pool with a bunch of other people and pray we don’t all go broke.  And, over the years, it’s been pretty good to me.  But if I had to retire on what I’ve got saved today, I’d have to die next January. And I’m betting I’m not alone in that.  Which explains all the old folks playing the lottery.

So, here’s my question.  If we’re willing to invest our own money in somebody else’s success for just a cut of the profits, why not invest in ourselves?  Take a class.  Read a book.  Start a business.  Oh, and here’s the fun part – once you’ve started, follow through!  Find something that works for you, and then keep doing it. 

Success won’t come overnight.  It never does.  But if you believe in what you’re doing enough to get started, then believe in yourself enough to finish.  Take control and make it happen.  You can do this!

That’s all for now.  Have an awesome day, and I’ll see you next week!

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