About Dave

I don’t like writing these things in the third-person, because I think they’re too impersonal. So let’s try this the old fashioned way.

As the site header suggests, I’m a writer, speaker, and motivational humorist. I began writing 25 years ago with a syndicated weekly column that highlighted the humor in everyday life. The column found an audience of devoted readers in more than forty countries around the world. In 2003, a major Middle-Eastern newspaper listed me among the top ten humorists in the world. I guess humor truly is universal.

Later that year, I decided to take my humor to the stage as a stand-up comedian. The videotape of that first night onstage would have been enough to convince anybody with half a brain to check that one off the bucket list and call it quits, but I’ve never claimed to be a genius. Over the next fifteen years, I performed more than 10,000 shows in some of the top comedy clubs across most of the nation.

Which brings me to where we are now. I’ve always had an interest in motivational speaking, and during the final week of 2017, I came to an epiphany. If I can spend my time writing anything, whether it’s books, presentations, blogs, or social media posts, I want it to be something that inspires and motivates people to achieve a higher level of happiness and fulfillment. And I’m a firm believer that we can best achieve success by helping others to do the same.

We were all created to dream and to succeed. And every one of us has what it takes to make those dreams come true. We just need a little reminder from time to time of what’s important, and how to navigate the obstacles life tries to throw in our way. That’s my mission – helping others bring out the greatness that lies within. And if a little humor happens to slip in, all the more fun for everyone!

So, come along for the ride! We’ll do great things together!

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