Bring Out Their Best With a Little White Lie

Good morning, and happy Friday!  I hope your day is off to a nice start.

Three days ago, I attended an honors choir concert by the Ohio Heritage Conference.  This was no ordinary event.  It included students from 11 different schools, each nominated by their respective band and choir leaders, all thrown together for a single day of rehearsal and one amazing show.  My granddaughter was among those selected. 

Any time people start thinking the future is doomed, all they need to do is attend an event like this.  A school play, an ice cream social, or maybe a regional competition.  It was several dozen students who had never met one another before that day, all focused on one thing – sharing their very best in a flawless performance.  I could easily see these kids performing in the White House. 

There was also a band concert, along with an impressive display of arts and crafts.  The talent in all those areas was incredible.  But rest assured, they didn’t all start out that way.  Have you ever sat through a school band concert?  Both of my girls played in the band, and let’s just say there’s a reason I need hearing aids. 

Especially at the elementary and middle school level, it’s a sound that sends cats running into traffic.  Clarinets and violins are the worst – like nails on a chalkboard.  And anybody who believes parents shouldn’t lie to their kids has never been to one of these things.  “You guys sounded awesome!”

Yes, we have to walk that delicate line between encouraging our kids and stuffing our ears with concrete.  My parents did it, yours did, we all do.  Why?  I mean, why not give them an honest critique so they can get better?  One reason … the glow on their little faces as they finish a screeching rendition of Mary Had a Little Lamb. 

But they don’t sound like that forever.  The more they practice, the better they get.  And those words of encouragement stack up along the way.  None of us is born with the ability to do these things.  All it takes is a basic level of God-given talent and the confidence and determination to excel.  And when we combine those elements, the result is truly incredible.

Every one of us is a kid at heart.  We all seek some level of validation, and we all have that inner desire to excel.  If the people you’re hanging around with aren’t supporting your dreams, you need some new friends.  Find some people who appreciate your abilities and your goals and will challenge you to be your best.  Then keep working at it.  You may just amaze yourself! That’s all for now.  Give your kids & grandkids an extra hug and have an awesome day!

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