Make it Happen!

Today will be a big day for me. This afternoon I have an appointment with my surgeon’s office to get the remaining 18 staples removed from my head. As much as I’m looking forward to having them gone for good, I know I won’t be a happy camper while they’re doing it. The bandages from surgery were stapled to my head and, as you can imagine, they don’t feel very good coming out.

During this visit, I may find out how much longer I have to stay home before I can get back to work. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, there’s a reason they call this recovery. It takes time to bounce back, but I’m getting stronger by the day and I’m looking forward to getting back to “normal.”

Meanwhile, later this morning I’m having another hearing test and will likely be fitted for hearing aids. As most of you will recall, this is how the whole surgical ordeal started. In yesterday’s post, I talked about the whole concept of making plans and then adapting on the fly. Who would’ve ever guessed a hearing test would lead to brain surgery? You play the hand you’re dealt.

It’s times like this that really put things in perspective. All those little things that have bugged me through the year, all those times I complained about things I’ll forget by this time next year, no longer had any significance in the big picture. As I looked at my family and the woman who’s been at my side for the past 40 years, I realized how lucky I am, and how badly I’ve wasted those blessings by not treasuring them more than I have.

It also made me think of dreams I’ve had over the years, things I’ve put on hold because the timing just wasn’t right, or the circumstances weren’t just perfect. I adopted a very familiar mantra … “As soon as …” became an integral part of every conversation about taking that next step.

But, in waiting for everything to be just right, I’m still right where I was twenty years ago. Okay, I’ve taken a few steps, but not nearly enough to make a difference. That goal is still out there. It hasn’t moved a bit. But the math is pretty simple … unless I pick up the pace, I don’t have enough years left to get there.

I remember years ago when I was talking to my doctor about losing weight. He said to aim for one pound a week. And I remember thinking, “At that rate, it’ll take two years!” (You do the math.) But here’s the thing – if I’d started losing a pound a week two years ago, or way back when the doctor suggested that, I’d be there today.

You see, we tend to think time will always be on our side, and whatever circumstances we’re facing today will somehow change. And, to be honest, they will. Only to be replaced by a whole new set of circumstances. That’s the reality of life. Things will never be perfect, and there will never be a perfect time to do the things we want. We have to make the most of the time we’ve got and, as a well-known comedian used to say, “Git ‘er done!”

I’ve always said I don’t want to spend my retirement sitting in a dark room watching the news. I want to enjoy my golden years, to do the things we’ve put off our entire lives, to get out and explore this big, beautiful world. Twenty years ago, that was still a long way off, and time (I thought) was on my side. But here I am now, and retirement is right around the corner. What I wouldn’t do to have back some of those years I waited, hoping circumstances would get better.

Be thankful for life’s blessings. Enjoy them to the fullest, and never take anything for granted. But that doesn’t mean you have to be so contented with your current situation that you never want more. It’s okay to dream of a better, more fulfilling life. In fact, it’s more than okay. It’s what keeps us alive and gives us a reason to get up each day and do our best to make a difference.

But dreams will only exist in our minds until we do something about them. Don’t wait for things to get better, or for the perfect opportunity to come along. Work around your circumstances. Make the time. Rearrange your schedule. Find alternatives. Get creative. Make it happen!

It may take a few months, or even several years. But remember, that goal isn’t going anywhere and every step you take gets you one step closer to your dreams. Take that first step now. Don’t let life pass you by. Time is our most valuable resource. Make the most of yours.

That’s all for now. Have an awesome day!

© 2018 Dave Glardon

4 thoughts on “Make it Happen!

  1. This is true for most of us, Dave. I faced death at age 39. Definitely made me appreciate life more than I ever had. I hope you get the chance to do some things on your bucket list. And I hope they can give you hearing aids that allow you to hear well. They take some time to adjust & get used to so be patient. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Vanda. I’m working on that bucket list now. Looks like I still have a little down time before I can get back to work. And I’ll have my hearing aids this Thursday.

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