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Dave Glardon

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Upcoming Shows:

January 20, 2018
Dayton, OH

February 17, 2018
Union, OH

April 25-28, 2018
Fort Wayne, IN

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Contact Dave - He Likes It!

Okay, so you've browsed the site and watched a few clips. Or maybe you just caught my show and now you want to introduce yourself. Cool! On the other hand, if this is a matter involving paternity or an unpaid bar tab, I may be a little more difficult to reach. Sorry, those are the rules.

Seriously, there's nothing I love more than hearing from the friends I've made on the road, or those who are about to become friends. Well, maybe one thing, but let's not go there. Not until after I've had a few beers.

If you want to say hi, book me for a show, rave about last night's show, or tell me about your new dog, just drop me an email. And while you're at it, check out my Facebook page and my Health & Humor Website.

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