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Video Clips

These clips deal with adult subject
matter and may contain a few words
I can't use in church.

If you're under 18, turn the sound way down and try not to laugh too loud. If you get caught, you're on your own.


Military Salute

Life As A Comedian


Booty Ease

Knock 'Em Dead!

In the world of entertainment, stand-up comedy is in a class of its own. Unlike just about any other performing art, comedy relies on one person in front of a live audience, with one chance to get it right. There's no supporting cast, no studio mixing, no post-production editing, and no re-takes. It's all or nothing. And on any given night, anything can happen.

One night you're alone in the spotlight, pouring sweat, and every joke is met with utter silence. Another night you meet the guy who thinks you took the stage praying he'd be in the audience to "help" you get through the night. Sometimes he's friendly about it, sometimes he's not. Either way, it makes for a long night at work.

But more often than not, it's truly magic. You take the stage, the audience responds, and a room full of complete strangers comes together like old friends. It's not a show - it's a party. And everybody is having the time of their life.

People always ask what it's like being onstage. Well, now you know. Hope you enjoy the show!

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