Dave Glardon

Humorist & Comedian

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Upcoming Shows:

January 20, 2018
Dayton, OH

February 17, 2018
Union, OH

April 25-28, 2018
Fort Wayne, IN

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Booking Information

Dave is an experienced feature and headliner, and has performed in every type of venue from top-rated fulltime comedy clubs to the corner bar, and just about everything in between. He's equally comfortable in just about any setting, as long as the audience is amenable to adult humor with a few words they may not hear in church. His show is generally PG to mild R, and has a very broad demographic appeal.

Click here to view a full-length feature set recorded in one of the nation's top comedy clubs. This video provides an accurate sampling of what you might expect when you put Dave onstage.

Dave is available for bookings throughout the nation, subject to routing and length of tour. He's based out of the Dayton, OH area, and typically works weeklong gigs, short runs, and one-nighters in that area of the country. But ask any booker who's known Dave for more than six months, and they'll all tell you he's not afraid to drive. If the trip makes sense (or is just really fun!), there's no telling where he might be willing to perform.

For more information, email Dave.

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